Some Third-Party Apps may not be accessible on Chrome 80 update

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On February 17th 2020, an update to the Google Chrome browser (Chrome 80) will change the way websites are able to access browser cookies.

As your Shopify admin relies on cookies to authenticate with apps you have installed on your store, this may impact some of the Shopify apps you use if the developer has not updated their app to support this change.

When accessing an affected app, you may see a cookie error, constant loading, app error screen or missing functionality.

This issue only affects you if:

  • you upgrade to Chrome 80 or later
  • use an app that loads within the Shopify admin, also known as an embedded app
  • the app’s developer has not updated their code for Chrome 80

Temporary workarounds:

  • open the Shopify admin with another browser to access the app. Alternatives include Firefox or Safari (this will only work temporarily).
  • install an alternative app from the Shopify App Store that has updated to function on Chrome 80

If you are using an app affected by this issue, please contact the app’s developer so that they are aware they need to make updates to support Chrome 80.

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I am very concerned that my 3rd Party Loyalty app is not working from my website.  Currently, I am on a Free Trial with Marsello and not able to utilize their services. The Loyalty Widget pops up from our home screen but redirects back to the homepage when customers try to register their profiles.  I have contacted Marsello, but they claimed the to be an issue with Shopify not their technology.  


Please, contact me if  you have additional questions about my issue. 



Thank you, 


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if you are using Shoify app gem, and  dont want to upgrade your shopify api lib, you can install this rails_sate_site_cookie gem

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Hello, I have the same issues. I have tried with the Firefox browser and Internet Explorer tried. I even used another WIFI but still, I couldn't finish setting up apps.

Please let me know.

How I can set up apps now? Does it temporary this issue? 


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So what are we to do in this situation. I have this message that "private apps installed on your store need to be updated by a developer before april 1, 2020 to continue working " and I have multiple apps? 

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I have resolved the problem! I have finished the set up via my Shopify app on my phone! and it is working perfectly!

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I am now able to use my apps...I just had to allow third party cookes in the Chrome settings. Uncheck "Block third-party cookies" in Settings: Privacy and security: Cookies and site data.


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Thank you so much!! All of a sudden yesterday I could not access the ebay channel to load more listings. This fix worked like a charm!

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If you can test and see if I got this issue would be appreciated -    Just released a new app and dont see this issue, but wanna make sure if we do it gets fixed.

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