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Hi, do you know how to connect a Barcode Scanner to the Shopify App Stocky? I am trying to set up a stocktake and scan the items into Stocky APP. 

FOR A START Does it connect with a PC or the ipad?



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Hi @breakfastat_t!

Ren here from the Shopify support team, I'm here to assist. 

You can connect across multiple devices whether it's an iPad, iPhone or Windows PC. I have some directions that should get you up and running with your barcode scanner.

To begin with, you will need to unpair the scanner from the Shopify POS first, and then pair the barcode scanner via your bluetooth settings. You will also need to ensure it is in HID mode rather than iOS (a full reset of the scanner may be required to change this mode).

To perform a factory reset on the scanner, you can scan the barcode type that is applicable to the scanners that you have. The first is 1D, and the second is 2D.

If the barcode is accepted by the scanner, you will hear a series of beeps and the scanner will shut off. When you turn it back on, it will be in pairing mode.

At this point you can try connecting it to the Bluetooth settings on your computer, by default your scanner should be in HID mode after performing a reset.


You can also view how to connect via apple or windows devices below:
Instructions for connecting Socket on Apple Devices
Instructions for connecting Socket on Windows Devices

Let me know how that goes for you! 

Ren | Social Care @ Shopify 
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So this only works for an old outdated machine like Windows PC?


How can you connect via iPhone if the Stocky App itself doesn't connect to iPhone??

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I'm looking for compatibility and connection instructions too. They are not on the Stocky documents. Is stocky compatible with a phone (latest ios) scanner and how do we connect it? I can scan barcodes using the Shopify app so you would "assume" that I should be able to do a proper stocktake with either the shopify app or the stocky app... 

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Quite possibly the worst support ever. "by Shopify" - yet Shopify does not regulate and/or update this app nor do they support it the way they support Shopify itself.


Documentation is a joke.


When "support" finally got back to me about connecting & scanning products directly into Stocky, my question remained unanswered & is still unanswered to this day. Instead, support came back at me w/ more questions about the account, who owned it, and continued on for several emails til I gave up.


Might not need to waste your time dealing w/ Stocky anyway.

I stumbled upon something a couple days ago in the latest update to the main Shopify mobile app.

There's a new feature under the Products tab titled "Inventory scanner."


I've yet to scan & take real inventory, but a quick test via PDF barcode scanned easily off my desktop right into the app. 




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Yeah, I saw this too. There's no connection to stocky as far as I can see. By that I mean, if I scan using this method there is no data uploaded to stocky from Shopify. Currently, my plan is to use the inventory scanner to upload any missing barcodes to Shopify while ensuring I adjust the qty with each one (it adds 1 item with every scan). Thankfully I have all my stock gathered in one place and organised correctly so I can do a workaround stocktake by scanning one item and checking it's qty manually OR using stocky, I can run a manual stocktake. 


When stocky launched they went so far as to extend my trial in a bid to help me financially while I helped them test the product through regular bug reports and feedback. Now that they are owned by Shopify and the news given in the latest Re-Unite, it looks like this app may be integrated with Shopify in stages. The inclusion of the native barcode scanner and, the less recent, addition of cost prices may support this theory. If it is the case that it's being integrated, then great! However, I feel that some more communication on the inclusion of new features needs to be addressed. A simple link in the Shopify newsfeed to up to date documentation would be all that is required. 

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Att REn, i need help finding a barcode scanner and app that will display titles and image.  i buy sell used blu rays and cds ,video games.  green king

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The "Inventory Scanner" provided in the Admin app is for doing a goods-in when adding inventory to your store. It's not for doing stock takes, though you could zero out your inventory and use the Inventory Scanner to do a goods-in for those items. 

If you're still in the market for an inventory taking app, our "Stock Take" app can scan bar codes directly from the Shopify POS/Admin app on your iPad/iPhone/Android device using the camera.

Select the inventory location, choose whole store or filter by vendors/product types/tags, and then take stock by scanning items with your mobile camera or with a bar code scanner. You can also search and update inventory by SKU or title. Unlike some other apps it takes in to account unfulfilled inventory while counting stock. Once you're done, you can download the stock take in CSV format or apply all inventory changes to Shopify.


BR Data Solutions

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I just bought the Star mPOP-D0087 and i can not get the barcode to scan anything outside of the POS system. How do I get the barcode scanner to work in stocky so i can actually receive items?

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I know this is an old post, but...

We just bought separate barcode scanners for "back office" use in Stocky. The Shopify barcode scanners can do it, but you have to reprogram them each time you want to go back and forth between the POS and back office work. That makes no sense, so....

We are finding these work great for Stocky, or for general barcode searching/typing in Shopify Admin... remember, a barcode scanner is basically a keyboard:

Make sure to first test to see if your barcode scanner is actually working. Open a blank email, put your cursor in the email body, and scan away on some handy books, etc... If you don't see the barcode being entered into the email, then you know your barcode scanner isn't working properly. If you aren't even getting this to work, then it SURELY won't work in Stocky.