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Hi guys,
I'm looking for a store management user-friendly app that I can see the overview of my business in a dashboard:
- Daily sales, revenue, and profit...
- Order status ( tracking code, is it shipped or no?, last tracking updated... )
- Website traffics, conversion rate, traffic source...etc
It can help me have an overview of my business, to make the right decisions.
Thanks a lot! have a nice day!

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Hello Cuong, 

You might want to try our app TrueProfit. It collects, calculates, shows all data regarding costs and revenue, and profit too. 

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I have run a Shopify site called for several years. It is a drop shipping site driven by Facebook ads. Probably not unlike many merchants, I'll admit that I became rather obsessed with my sales and profitability, every time I saw a sale come in on the Shopify App I would check the total for the day and then try to guesstimate my profit. Then I installed the Facebook App and used that to try and calculate but it was never the crisp immediate gratification I was looking for. It really started to rule my day and I looked around for a profitability tracking system but they were all expensive and no one had a mobile app. 

So we built a Shopify App called The Canary Sings, just launched. It integrates with Facebook and Shopify and calculates your profitability, accounting for operations, merchant fees, COGS and ad spend. It even tells you how much ad budget you have committed to spend by the end of the day (which was really hard to do).

We are just launching it and we are looking for users to try it and give us feedback. The Free version is a profitability dashboard for just today and the paid version has your whole history. During our launch phase we are offering lifetime free access to the full version (and any upgrades) so we would love it if you tried it out and let us know what you think. Since using it myself, it has totally fed my addiction and I've really been able to spend more time thinking about strategy and optimization than crunching numbers. Here's the video overview: and here is our listing in the Shopify App store:

Hope this helps!

The Canary