Stripe options disappeared at checkout after migrating to Shopify Checkout from Recharge Checkout

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I recently migrated from Recharge Checkout to Shopify Checkout for my store's subscriptions. This was done by the Recharge team.


Stripe card options at checkout disappeared (but still shows Paypal), despite us using Stripe all this while with no problem. At the backend, Stripe is still there. It also still shows at checkout for non-subscription items. 


Although I'm in Malaysia and cannot use Shopify Payments, according to this doc "eligible subscription payment processors", we should still be eligible to use Stripe in Shopify Checkout for subscriptions.


We've reached out to both Stripe (telling us our account has no issues) and Recharge (who hasn't been very helpful since the migration) and both referred us back to Shopify, who hasn't yet been able to give us a solution.


Any idea what went wrong?


Thank you!

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