Struggling to track inventory with bundle sales!

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We have struggled for quite some time now with an issue related to our stock tracking. We are able to track inventory on all our items when the product we list only have one item of course.
Our struggle is with the bundles we offer. Our bundles are unable to count/track inventory of each item inside the bundle separately.

We have listed some "products" in shopify called "Pick n mix". This is for bundles of several items, and some of the items in this bundle come in different variations/flavours.
We let the customer select the preferred flavours of the items with a dropdown menu. We are currently using an app called "Infinite Options" in order to create the dropdown menu that give the different flavour options.

Our issue is that when customers choose the flavours they want, we are unable to track the sale of these flavours. Since we offer this product both as a product with the single item, but also in a bundle, we would like to link the flavours somehow to the single items in the store as well so we have one point with a total inventory for this product we are able to track.
Right now its only the products with the single items that are being tracked, and every time someone orders the bundle with the multiple items, we have to manually write down the items sold and withdraw this from the single products inventory in order to have control of the total inventory of this product at all times.

We are growing, and taking in more products, so we need the system to be able to automaticly track our inventory all the time.
There has to be a solution to how to link the items in the dropdown to the product that offer this as a single item, so the inventory tracking can happen automaticly from one place.

Can someone help us out with this issue? Would be highly appreciated!
Images attached to show our dropdown as well as the single products.

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Hello Fandrops


If the flavors are defined as variants of the main product, our app can handle it. It's Free. If it didn't work for you, try to find an app that has the Mix & Match feature. 

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Wow this is so similar to me! I have spent hours and hours and $$$$ Trying to get my inventory to sync only to realise that the 'sales' dont. I have a hamper business and within it I have products along with bridal wear with size variants. I have to manually then try and work out sales from those bundles and then somehow work out the style/robe size too. AHHH.