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Good day
I need an app please. So we run a Shopify online store for our wholesale business (online is b2b and b2c) currently pulling inventory from our invoicing program DEAR inventory.
We have picked up a massive issue in that the wholesale and retail quantities are not syncing, 
How we work now is we pull all stock via price list 2 (retail pricing) through to Shopify from DEAR, if someone orders off the retail end the wholesale end is not bringing the item quantity down. We have added Connected inventory app via Shopify app store however that program is also not working:
When Dear updates the inventory on Shopify, our app would not 'sync' because of that.

Our app sync inventory only when two things happens: create an order; create a refund.

This documentation has more info about what will trigger a sync and what doesn't:

I think our app may not be suitable for the setup you have with Dear.
We need an app that sync all sku's via Dear to Shopify - and for Shopify Retail and wholesale to all sync together making sure all quantities remain the same  
The products are linked by the same SKU. do you perhaps know of an app that would work. Please quite urgently.  
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Since both retail and wholesale products share the same SKUs, you can use the Duplicate SKU Sync app to keep the inventories in sync.