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Tiered Pricing App with a twist

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Hey all,

I am looking to get an app that will be able to set a tier price but only for fixed multiples of the item. I will try my best to explain with an example:

We sell ribbons that come to us on a 25m roll. You can buy the ribbon by the metre or you can buy them buy the 25m roll. This means we have to have two variants on the store for this and essentially separate stock for the same item. I would like to be able to set our store up so that if a customer buys 25 metres, they get a discount.

Here is the catch, which I can't find an app that ticks this box...

The discount can only apply to multiples of 25! If a customer buys 30 metres then we would send them a 25m roll and still have to measure another 5m from a roll. The idea of the discount is that we do not need to measure anything, which saves us time.

Does anyone know of anything like this?


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You can set up each 25m roll as a product or variant. You can then use the PickyStory app to set up multiple pricing tiers including either a specific quantity of the 25m option, or any other combination of rolls.

In general, with PickyStory you can set up product tiers/kits representing any combination of variants and quantities, each one offered as a separately-priced tier. Shoppers can modify product quantities, select different variants, and so on. The discount values are also configurable for each tier. Last but not least, line item quantity is reported correctly for each product, so your inventory levels on Shopify are always up to date.

Some of the popular use cases include fashion/shop-the-look combos, wine gifts (typically trios), and home design collections.