tiktok unable to add payment method

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Hi everyone,


I am implementing in my sales channel TikTok. The last thing I need to do is synchronize it with the payment method. 

Although my bank account works properly, the process is always denied, as you can see from the pic. 

problema tiktok.PNG

Is there any way I can sort it out?


Thanks in advance

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I am having the same issue as everyone else here and I tried changing it to German and that was no help.

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I am having the same issue, they told me the same thing as everyone else. Change browser and clear the cache, but it doesn't work. The Paypal option doesn't show up. Does anyone have a solution? 

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We had the same issue.

In our case it seems like it was an issue with Mastercard. I’ve read this in a couple of other places as well that it doesn’t seem to like them. We made a new virtual card through our business bank account that was a Visa card and it accepted it straight away. So maybe try that?


Hope that helps!

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i have same problem on payment methods i can't to add my card , can you tell me the solution please


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create a new tiktok ad account and select manual payments, then chose paypal 😉

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Hey everybody who has the problem with paiment failure tiktok manager ads 


the problem is when you pay with VISA actually tiktok prefer master cart i tried ot in almost 3 account and its works