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Trade Accounts & Public Accounts

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Hi All, 

I own Culture Detailing Club, Selling Vehicle Cleaning Products to trade and public, however, i offer the trade users a 15% discount on line and in store, is there anyway of creating a separate accounts for trade so when they are browsing the store they see there discounted rate or via their account a 15% discount is applied during checkout, I don't really want to be using discount codes as any tom dick and harry they give it to can then use them then. 

Also, i have a rewards point system which my trade customers are not eligible for the points reward system or Free Shipping unless the order value is over £100 or £60 if its public order.  is there anyway to set it up so the Shipping rates change depending on which customer account they have? 


in a nutshell. 

1. Trade Accounts & Public Accounts (Different pricing & Shipping Rates) 

2. How to prevent Trade from earning & Spending rewards points. 


Many thanks in advance. 

Greg Richards 

Managing Director 

Culture Detailing Club Ltd 

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I have sorted most of this out now, but i still struggling with the shipping issue