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Update tracking numbers to multiple Paypal accounts per store with Add Paypal Tracking Auto

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Have you ever worried about putting all your payments in one Paypal account and wished to use multiple Paypal accounts in one Shopify store? Shopify does not allow you to use multiple Paypal accounts in one store, however, you still can be able to switch to different Paypal accounts and use Add Paypal Tracking Auto app to update tracking number correspondingly. 


First, the app supports multiple Paypal accounts per store. 

By connecting with an unlimited number of Paypal accounts per store, then uploading tracking numbers correspondingly, now you can spread payment into different accounts, which provides a better situation of cash flow. Putting all payments in only one account causes the higher amount of money held which makes it difficult to manage the business operation. 

In addition, switching between different Paypal accounts helps to avoid a sudden increase in sales volume in the same Paypal account which is normally the reason for Paypal limitations and a high reserve level. 

Second, upload tracking info with orders from other platforms 



Even the app is only connected with Shopify store, however, merchants can upload tracking info to Paypal from other platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, Wooommerce or others by importing a CSV file with required information of all orders from other platforms, afterwards, the app will automatically sync the tracking information to the corresponding Paypal account. 

It helps merchants to save time and effort instead of finding another app on other platforms or doing manually. 

Check the information for the app here:
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