Use Bundles to Improve Your Dropshipping Business!

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1. What is a bundle?

A bundle is defined as multiple different products being grouped together and sold as a single offer. With bundles, you can easily mix different products from different sellers, change the quantity you want to sell at the same time. You will have the liberty to make the best offers for your customers, which can better improve your store's conversion rates and lead to more sales!

2. Where and how can I create bundle listings?

2.1 Where?

We are proud to present to you the possibility of uploading bundle listings to your store through ShopMaster

With this feature, now you can:

  • Sell multiple items from different sellers(from the same supplier and warehouse) in one bundle. Up to 5 items can be added to a single variation.
  • Set up your own special offers like Buy 1 get 1 free, Buy 3 get 2 free, Buy X get Y free.
  • Create some obvious promotion offers like Buy 1 $10, Buy 2 $18, Buy 3 $24 to motivate your customers to buy more.

2.2 How?

  1. Log into ShopMaster, go to Listings.
  2. Find a listing to create bundles, click Edit to turn to the listing edit page then click the Variation Mapping tab,
  3. Click Edit Mappings to Configure your bundles.

Now go to ShopMaster to experience this feature.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy dropshipping!


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