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use pickup and delivery app not sure which app is at fault but sometimes there is no pick up date

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Hi having major problems with the check out part of the app.  We use pick up and delivery by zapiet.  Not sure where the problem is.  Which app.  Some times the orders come in without a pick up delivery date.  Which means that we have to contact them.  Also when checking out you can pick if it is a pick up or delivery or pick up delivery. They pick out one then later on can change it to one of the free choices but it still goes to the address that has a charge but it goes free.  Very frustrating

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Hi there,

I am really sorry for the delay in responding - we have only just seen a number of mentions on the form, going forwards we will get a notification for forum posts and respond much quicker. 

Hopefully, you resolved this issue at the time and could continue using Store Pickup + Delivery?  If not maybe you would like to take another look at the app, we have a range of new feature and the support team is bigger stronger than ever before - we would be glad to welcome you back and get you set up. 

If you need any more assistance or information you can email us at, you can also start a live chat via the Support tab in the Store Pickup + Delivery app or by visiting

Take care,