Using 2 plugins for discounts

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Hello I am writing this question in regards of following

I have recently added two plugin  to my store

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts


Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro

Both plugins giving a discount to customers . As far as I understood shopify allowing only one discount to be applied on checkout, So than customer using Affiliate link to visit store and to get a discount, he sees that there is an option to get a bundle discount as well and if he chose to do so, than on checkout he is not able to enter discount code given to him by affiliate , so my affiliate is getting nothing in that case. I am wondering if there is an option to set a priority for plugins. Let say if customer referred by affiliate  using a link to come to store and trying to get a bundle discount  on checkout he is given option to enter affiliate discount code and that code overwrite the bundle discount.  In that case shopify rules for only one discount fulfilled, but priority given to affiliate discount.


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