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Volume Discount & Currency Converter

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I am having an issue with using both Shopify's Currency Converter & the Volume & Tiered Discount App (by running together in my store. 


The Volume Discount app basically gives automatic discount based on the quantity that is added to cart. The more you buy the higher the discount is. (Example: Buy 2+ Get Extra 10% ; Buy 3+ get Extra 15% Off ......)


I contacted HulkApps, and this was their response:


We would like to clarify that our app isn't compatible with most of the currency converter applications as they have their own money class for multiple currencies which conflicts with our app's price class and doesn't convert the value.
However, you can use only the Best Currency Converter app as these apps are compatible with our app.

Best Currency converter app:
NOTE: ​ I would like to inform you that on up to the cart page the best currency app is worked along with our app but at the checkout page your store default currency is shown up.


Basically I can use currency converters apps where it shows prices to the customers in their preferred currency, however, in the checkout page it switches back to the stores, default currency. 



Do you guys know of a way where I can both allow the customer to checkout & pay using their preferred currency and at the same time provide automatic volume discounts?



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App Selly can help you to create volume discount and it also works with Shopify multi currency:

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Hi there!


You are right, the inbuilt currency convert displaying different currencies is for virtual purpose only, as customers have to check out by default currency.


If you want to allow customers checking out using local currency, you might consider having multiple shops serving each domain.  For example, for US market, and for Australia market. At each shop, you can display and offer local currency upon checking out, Meanwhile, you can still implement the Volume Discount app.


Among multiple shops, you could auto direct customers based on their locations with GeoIP tools, for example, Geo Redirect. It can detect visitors' locations by IP and auto direct your visitors. If you visitor is in Australia, and he goes to, it will auto direct him to The tool is easy to set. No code is necessary. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps! 

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Thanks for the suggestion!


Even though it is a paid app, as opposed to the Free one that I am currently using, however, it does have several other features. Plus, might be worth it if it brings in more sales.


I will certainly give it a try.

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This is a great solution. It is tider as well. I will keep this in mind as the company grows.


However, for a new store, it's more efficient to go with an app such as the one suggested by @Risa. Hopefully it does work.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion.