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What app can display large images of product options instead of small swatches?

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Hi. Can anyone recommend an app that will allow me to have more than five product options, and when one of them is selected, it gets displayed in the big image, not a small swatch?

For example, if I'm selling a certain type of baseball jersey, i want people to be able to see how that jersey looks with their team on it. So, the base product would be XYZ Style Jersey and the options would be 10 different baseball teams. When they are browsing, I want them to see the XYZ Jersey with their team on it -- in the big image. I don't want them choosing from 10 small swatches.  

I can use swatches as a way of selection (or I can use dropdown, radio buttons, etc.), but I must have the big image change.

I hope that makes sense.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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I recommend you try this app :

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Hello @DigitalMP,

You can use the Inkybay - Product Customizer app for your needs. With Inkybay, this can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Inkybay option feature work directly on the product page with a live preview of the selected options.
    Here is an example product you can take a look at.
    Inkybay product options with live preview.png
  2. Inkybay design tool with jersey builder with customization and preview 
    Here is an example product you can take a look at.
    Inkybay jersey builderInkybay jersey builder


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Hi @DigitalMP 

Richard from PageFly, a Free page builder app. I would love to provide the solution to your question.

You can use Product Options and Customizer, they have different options for you to set up variants on your store. The app also provides dropdowns, radio buttons, etc. It has a 15-day free trial

Another option for you is Product Personalizer by Zepto, they provide the Image Upload option as you require. It has a 14-day free trial

Both of them integrate with PageFly, you can not only build a beautiful, high-converting store with PageFly but also use these apps to customize your products.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Like my answer if you find it helpful

Richard - PageFly.

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Hi @DigitalMP,

It has been some time since you raised the topic, and I'm unsure if you have already found a solution for your store. However, I would still like to suggest a simple solution that you (and other members) can consider if you encounter a similar issue in the future. The best part is that no coding is required 🤗.

To set up your product options, I recommend using the Easify Product Options app. Here's a quick demonstration:

  • Create a new option set:



  • Add a "Team" option that allows customers to select from 10 teams. You can use either the Dropdown or Image Swatches option type.

Dropdown with images:



Image Swatches:




  • Assign the option set to your relevant product(s):



To display the corresponding product image based on the team option selected by customers, follow this step: Go back to your product settings, upload the 10 images representing the 10 team options, and add alt tags to these images. It's important to ensure that the alt tags match the option value labels you created earlier:








That's it! You're all set.

I hope you find this solution helpful 😊.

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