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What app is this?

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Hi everyone, 

Does anyone know what upsell app for cart page is this?


Thanks! 🙂


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I don't know if there is a specific app, targeting this specific upsell issue. In case you're looking for adding the Secured delivery, there is this app Route, which can add this on checkout too. But in that case, you need to work with a third party.

I will follow this topic to see if something comes up, otherwise, we might be able to develop such an app, as it's targeting a more specific upsell.

Kind regards,


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Yeah, I know Route but I'm really interested in the app I shared in the PrintScreen, not only to offer Insured Shipping Upsells but also for other upsell ideas. 

I really like the fact this one automatically adds the upsell to the cart and if the customer doesn't want it, the toggle has to be turned off.

I hope someone can tell me what app is it or share a similar one with the toggle feature.


Thanks for you reply! 🙂