What B2B wholesale app solution best serves business customers?

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Dear Community,


I am considering using an application to better serve our business customers through a webshop. I have listed the main requirements below. I would like to hear if there is an application to manage this, and what costs are involved. Ideally, I would like to have all functionalities housed in one app.


  • Customizable register form to approve the customer’s business account

Must contain fields:
Company name
First name + last name
Invoice address (street + city + zip code + country)
Invoice address same as the shipping address button
Shipping address* (if not same as billing address)
VAT / EORI number
Phone number
Email address


  • Customers are required to log in to visit the store
  • Customer-specific pricing (based on manually allocated customer segments)
  • Customers can add products to their cart and send us a request for availability
  • The request for availability contains products + price + quantities
  • We can amend their order request based on available volumes
  • We download a PDF invoice of the amended order including all customer information


I would love to hear from you if this is possible and which app could manage this process.


Kind regards,

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Hello @J-Port,


This functionality is too specific to be covered by a ready Shopify app. You can consider the Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale app by Bold.

If it is crucial for you, a proficient Shopify development company can easily develop a custom app for you to meet these needs.



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Hi @J-Port 


In case you are still looking for a B2B solution I wanted to mention Sellify which connects to Shopify to sync products and inventory but offers a complete B2B experience with the features you mention in addition to some other useful ones:

  1. unique b2b login
  2. customer specific pricing
  3. ability to send quotes and orders
  4. custom discounting
  5. connects to marketing services (like klaviyo, etc)
  6. completely segregates your B2B from your retail business.
  7. supports invoicing and credit terms

We also support a full CRM on advanced plans but the B2B only plan sounds like it would suit your use case for a low monthly charge.


If you or anyone else who comes across this thread is interested in a demo and trial period please contact us at sales@sellifycrm.com.




Adam Hurlburt | Cofounder & CTO of Sellify: a CRM & B2B Solution For Shopify Stores

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HI J-Port I am in the same position, is it rude to ask what you ended up going with?