What eBay integration apps work best with Shopify?

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We use ebay as a source site and Nembol to link it with Shopify. We have been having endless issues that have been attributed to Shopify rules not working with the ebay rules. I'm wondering what integration apps other folks use, and if anyone has any advice for us. The issues we've had this week include: distorted formatting, pieces of ads missing, all of our ads being ended on ebay and relisted under new item numbers, etc. Our integration app is Nembol, and their customer support has been amazing, they've told us that shopify doesn't allow all of the HTML that ebay uses, and that that could be the source of some of the problems. My thought is that would be an issue with any integration software, but we can't be the only ones having this problem. 


We're still working with customer support, but any help and advice is appreciated. 

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If you are looking for another app that can help you link your existing eBay listings to your Shopify products and manage these listings via an app, then you can consider checking the Codisto app. 


You can also use the app to create new listings on eBay using your Shopify catalog as the source of truth. It can also sync your eBay orders to Shopify for easy fulfillment. 


And if you have plans of expanding your market, the app can also help you integrate your Shopify products to different eBay marketplaces and it also support Amazon, Google, Walmart and Kogan marketplaces. 


Feel free to contact our Support Team open 24/7 by sending an email to support@codisto.com or via live chat when available by clicking on the Chat/Support button on the lower-right portion of any of our Help articles.