What font application allows customers to type on my store page?

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Hii Everyone,

For my store i am looking for an application that i can install, however i want the application to give my users the ability to type quotes or words on my page. Preferably the application also supports many different fonts so that the users can choose from different fonts. Does anyone know if an app like this is available and in case which app would be best suitable for this idea?

Any idea is welcome as i do not have a clue yet how to get this going. Thank you in advance

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Hi @Kemo94,

The Easify Product Options app is designed to perfectly align with your needs. It empowers you to effortlessly create a text box for your customers to input their desired text while also offering the flexibility to select a font for that text 🤗.

There's no need for coding skills, as setting it up takes just a few minutes, thanks to the Text Box (or Text Area) and Font Picker option types provided by the app.

To gain a better understanding, take a look at the demo below:


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