What is a good booking app to reserve classes on Shopify?

What is a good booking app to reserve classes on Shopify?

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Im looking for a Shopify app that will allow my customers to reserve class after purchasing class packs. 
I sell in person pottery and painting classes in:

individual class - they select the date when adding to cart

monthly subscription - they select the date and time at checkout

4 or 8 class pack - they have 2-3 months to use the classes and reserve day and time as they go. 

currently using cowlendar for reservations/scheduling and its working fine but haven't been able to figure out the customer accounts and reserve as you go thing. 
for now im sending them a checkout code they use 4-8 times depending on what they purchase but they have to go through the entire add to cart- check out process everytime. 

my website is www.bastudio.mx


thank you 🙂 


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First of all, let me start by saying I really like the look of your store!

This might be an unusual solution. The Gojiberry post-purchase survey app has an one-on-one interview reservation function. The customers are only able to reserve a time after purchase. In addition you can also award coupons/points for customers to keep them coming back. 

I hope this helps! 

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The best solution to sell a bundle of bookings is using the Subscription feature of Appointo - Appointment Booking App
In the subscription feature you can sell a bundle of bookings in two ways :
1. Clients can purchase it as a recurring booking where the client's card will charged with the amount on the frequency you have set example weekly or monthly and their account will credited with the booking they are assured to get and they can schedule the booking from the customer portal anytime they want.
2. They can purchase a time bundle where they can pay x amount and buy 10 bookings and they can book these 10 bookings whenever they want from customer postal.

Please find the attached video below for more info.

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