What's the best app for product cross sell and cart drawer needs?

What's the best app for product cross sell and cart drawer needs?

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We are looking for an app which can cater to both product cross sell and cart drawer. 

At the moment, we are using 2 separate apps which can tailor to your requirements. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Can you please give more details about the requirements for the app?


You can consider the Bold upsell app. It allows you to upsell customers from a single product to a product bundle or kit, or cross-sell complementary products that are already added to your customer’s cart. This app enables upsell performance tracking to optimize your offers or you can set up triggered options once a customer spends a specific amount of money.


There is also a great app called LimeSpot Personalizer. It offers the following additions: you-may-also-like, upsell, cross-sell, post-purchase recommendations and more. This is an AI-powered personalization tool that empowers merchants and marketers to deliver personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, email, and ads. It is reached by showing relevant related products for the customer in various parts of your store – homepage, product pages, menu, 404 page and more. In-built analytics tools allow you to track the efficiency and performance of each recommended placement on every page.


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I think PickyStory would be perfect for you. App has a cart drawer functionality which offers Spend X Get Y features, for example; when a customer adds a 100$ worth of products in cart, they will be offered either a free gift, free shipping or a discount. Cart also offers recommended products section which uses AI to offer related products inside the cart drawer itself.


You can also upsell and cross sell your products with the Frequently Bought Together, Buy One Get One Free, Tiered Discount deals. You can choose any product you wish to upsell with different types of discount and  if you don't have much time you can also use the AI powered automations which will appear on the product pages as a widget or a Pop-Up. 


If any help is needed, the customer service is going to be there to help you set everything up. You can check the app here.


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