What's the best on-the-go blogging app for ecommerce platforms?

What's the best on-the-go blogging app for ecommerce platforms?

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Hi, all. I use Shopify primarily as a place to publish my writing, rather than as an ecommerce site. (I know, probably not the best fit, but this was a legacy decision from a previous business model, and I do not necessarily want to migrate to another platform.) To be honest, the blogging features accessible through the Shopify app are pretty terrible. The interface is clunky, which makes posting really difficult. I publish exclusively from desktop at the moment, due to the amount of playing around that is needed to post via the Shopify app. I really need a better way to post 'on-the-go,' ideally via a frictionless blogging app. Something akin to Medium's 'type and post' approach but within Shopify. Is this achievable? Has anyone come up with a better workflow for microblogging on Shopify? Yes, I could move to Medium or embed a Twitter timeline, but those solutions also do not feel quite right as I generally like Shopify apart from this blogging feature oversight. Grateful for all ideas, thanks.

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I know you said this isn't what you wanted to do, but if your primary goal is to publish writing and not sell anything, I would reconsider using Shopify as your blogging platform. And I'm saying this as an app developer focusing on the blog functionality.


Shopify's blogs are great for creating content that ultimately leads customers to your products, but as you've experienced, the blogging interface itself isn't meant for the "type and post" usage you described. If you do still want to stick to Shopify, there are definitely apps available -- can you explain a bit more what your ideal workflow would be like?

Product Embed - embed products into blog posts - shopify.com/product-embed
Blog Sync - copy new & updated blog posts across stores - shopify.com/blog-sync