What's the best site to research apps for my ecommerce site?

What's the best site to research apps for my ecommerce site?

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Is there a better site for researching which apps to use with my shopify site?

I am looking for a delivery app and I have 184 to choose from!!!!!

I know I can ask for suggestions, but surely someone has created a site that helps to choose by feature.


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Can you tell me about your exact requirements for the delivery app? Do you want apps that help you ship your orders?

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Hi Arranyani.

Thank you for replying.

I am just using shipping as an example of my problem. There must be a better tool for helping you to find out what the different Shopify apps can do.

I have two shipping related problems. The main one is that we offer different shipping and collection options based on the delivery location. This also effects price.

We are suing at app that allows the customer to see what they will have to pay, but the system does not reflect these choices on the checkout page.

We have an advanced shopify subscription

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@kellysolutions , Hope you are doing well.


Certainly! If you're interested in exploring the apps and themes used by your competitors on their Shopify websites, there are some helpful tools available. You can utilize Chrome extensions or online websites specifically designed to detect the apps and themes employed by other Shopify stores.


One such tool you can try is the Shopify App Detector. It allows you to discover the apps your competitors have integrated into their stores, giving you valuable insights into their functionality and potential advantages.

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