What third-party apps can provide more than 25 automatic discounts?

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I understand that Shopify allows us to create 25 Automatic Discounts and the only way to increase this limit is by installating a third-party app. I have over 50 products that requires this function.


Does anyone have any app recommendations that support this?



I have found 2 apps that almost met my criteria.
1. Advanced Customers Discounts: A very straightforward app which is similar to Shopify's AD built-in feature. But you can only create a maximum of 5.

2. Discount on Cart: This app helps to apply your Promo Codes automatically upon checkout. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the 'Product Option' app that I am currently using.

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Hey Fani1, in a similar boat as you. Any recommendations? Ideally would like integration with my sliding cart app I am using but it seems hard to sift through them. 

Specially need this to create Buy 2 get 10%, Buy 3 get 15% type of discounts on all my 50+ products (which falls under domain of automatic discounts).