Where can I find the best online course for designing Shopify apps?

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Hi all,


I would like to learn how to design and build Shopify apps and I am looking for an online course (possibly up-to-date with latest releases).


Do you suggest anything?


thank you,


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Hi @hopen ,
I'm Kate from PageFly team.

I recommend the "Shopify App Development with NodeJS" course. This course is an excellent resource for learning how to design and build Shopify apps using Node.JS, one of the popular programming languages for app development.

It covers essential topics, including app setup, authentication, making API calls, and managing app data.

You can find the keyword "Shopify App Development with Node.JS" course to access the course. It's many courses, primarily on Udemy and Youtube tutorials. As a Shopify Partner, you'll have access to various learning resources and support to enhance your skills in Shopify app development.

Keep in mind that Shopify's ecosystem is continually evolving, so staying up-to-date with their documentation and announcements for any changes or improvements to the platform is essential. Hope it helps and I wish you success in building your Shopify apps!
Kate | PageFly team

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Hi Kate,


Thank you for the reply. I looked for the “Shopify App Development with Node.JS” course that I could only find on udemy. It looks quite interesting but unfortunately outdated. I was hoping to find something more up-to-date.


Thank you again,


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Did you find any?

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Nope, at least nothing updated to latest Shopify developments.