Which is the best budget-friendly AR product viewer for tiles?

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We are looking for a AR Product Viewer for tiles where the customer can preview the tiles on different images that we provide. The Wizart Visualiser looks promising, but is way over our budget for this project. Does anyone have any other hot tips for a

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also see external services, like vectary ,that don't necessarily need apps.

Also many themes** have XR 3D model support.


There's also the product personalization category of apps and services but harder to find XR(AR or MR) as a sub feature.


@Heimegut wrote:

way over our budget for this project. Does anyone have any other hot tips for a

Hot tip: If pricing for an advanced inworld AR using computer vision is out of budget you don't need such features either: not at all, or need to invest in research. To clearly define(or research)/describe what you think AR is* , what it's purpose is in not being a gimmick, and what that means for your customers and how much revenue that represents. e.g. a $300/mth app generating 10k revenue isn't a budget it's an investment.


preview the tiles on different images that we provide

If your providing or have both the tiles-image and the images, is that really AR or just two images being overlayed ontop of each other.


*Most "Augmented Reality" is just a glorified camera view with a 3D model overlay that does not integrate into the environment being viewed. Apps like Wizart ar-visualizer are more of a MR experience, mixed reality, generating and combining realworld and virtual elements.


** https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/product-media/product-media-types#supported-themes    



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