Which scheduling app allows photo uploads and appointments?

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Hi guys, i am looking for a scheduling shopify app includes these 2 functions (add to your appointment and upload photos within a booking form). I have been searching but no luck. please help.. 


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"Shopify Developed App" is about apps made by shopify itself, they have no scheduling app.


Trying to get every exact feature creates a unicorn that doesn't exist unless you build it all yourself.


For third party apps look at bookthatapp they have lots of features and an api, then the features you need generally require custom development in your theme AND a scheduling app. 


If you have the budget and need this implemented as customizations or middleware then contact me by mail for services.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.
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Good Hunting.

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Hi @karencc,

Using the Easify Product Options app is a great choice for your requirements, enabling both File Upload options and checkboxes for additional choices. Here's a streamlined setup guide for you 🤗:



App Settings:

  • Begin by creating your Appointment as a product.
  • Install the Easify Product Options app and initiate a new option set.
  • Add a File Upload option type for your first upload option, named "Upload A Photo of Your Pet".



  • Add another File Upload option type for your second upload option, titled "Proof of Vaccinations".



  • Add a Checkbox option type to present additional choices for "Add to your appointment" options.



  • Finally, select the Appointment product to include all the above options.



This setup ensures a user-friendly experience for your customers, allowing them to upload files and choose additional options seamlessly. Let me know if you encounter any challenges or if you have additional questions.

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@karencc BookThatApp supports appointment bookings and file uploads using a feature called "Booking Fields" (https://support.zetya.com/hc/en-us/articles/5702701779983-Uploading-a-Waiver-or-Contract). You can take advantage of their trial plan to see if the app fits what you're looking for.