Why am I getting a 401 status code on my Remix app with Node.js?

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I am facing an issue with the Shopify CLI and Node.js app template (Remix) where, after running the commands, I receive a 401 status code and the app does not load. Strangely, it was working fine yesterday, and no changes have been made since then.


Also tried to create a new app and same issue, any ideas?


To recreate the issue, you can follow these steps:


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I have the exact same issue. Just created an app with remix and it won't even create the app menu because a 401 is returned. Let me know if you find a solution.

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Hi @marsan957 

Try below steps 

Create folder [shopify_app]

cd shopify_app


Step 1


-> npm init @shopify/app@latest
    give app name [test-app]

    select remix (if you are developing app in remix)


Step 2


-> cd test-app


->npm run build


Start a local development server

-> npm run dev

-> open generated URL


Step 3


Install your app on your development store

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Unable to start remix dev server.


16:17:56 │ remix │ POST /ping 404 - - 50.428 ms

16:17:56 │ remix │ Could not reach Remix dev server at https://xxx.ngrok-free.app/ping (404)



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Same issue, mine says:
Could not reach Remix dev server at

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