Why are my Facebook and Instagram sales channels unsyncing?

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I'm having trouble with Facebook and Instagram for my store, it keeps unsyncing and I'm not able to tag products on instagram. When I go into my facebook page products are still linked but in the backend of the commerce manager it is saying both sales channels are hidden and I can't seem to unhide them. Not sure why this is happening. In shopify I have checked and made sure there are no product errors so should be no issue syncing.


Hoping someone can help!


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Hi there, the same thing happened to my shop a few days back.All my product tags on IG are gone from the feed and the highlights and I couldn't seem to figure out how to unhide the commerce channels either.

I have however recently found the reason for this and it's all Meta's doing: Meta has disabled Shops in a number of countries in Europe on Aug 10. We are located in the Czech Republic and that was the case for us and it was also the case for all but 11 European countries. More in this article: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/953630345801994

Hope it helps, even though it's not a positive development for sure.

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Hi. I've been having the same issue. My store is based in South Africa. I cannot find a reason as to why the "unhide" buttons are grayed out. 


The only recent changes I've made to my Shopify store if completing my GA4 analytics setup.


The original layout I had set for my facebook shop has disappeared and I will try to setup and complete a new layout tomorrow, hopefully that helps.


If anyone has the same issue, and comes up with a solution plz let us know 



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Hi Hyper 1,

I'm having the exact same issue. I was wondering have you contacted meta or has anyone contacted meta and  resolved this issue yet ? it's a massive pain since the unhide button is greyed out and my shop is also invisible 

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Based in New Zealand and am having the exact same issue! No changes made on my end, I just noticed I could tagged products on my instagram anymore - no products show up aka shop not connected.

When I click 'update channel' it takes me to Meta. Under Sales channels it says "You've set 2 of your sales channels to be hidden. Update your settings to make them visible to customers." But the hidden drop down box is greyed out and unable to click the drop down.

Is there any resolve for this??

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I'm In New Zealand too, and having the same issue, it's so infuriating!

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HI guys,


We're based in Ireland and same thing happened.

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Hi guys, 
Exactly the same issues for my shop as well. Based in UAE. Hope we can find a solution.