Why aren't all orders from my CSV file created on the initial API call?

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My Shopify Create Order API. This API creates orders based on a CSV file that I download from my S3 to my local server. The API processes the orders listed in this file and then uses the Shopify GET API to retrieve the existing orders from my store. Subsequently, it compares the orders obtained from the API with those present in my file. It then proceeds to create orders for those entries that are present in the file but not in the store. If an order is found in both the CSV file and the store, it skips the duplication process.

I encountered an issue where, upon initially calling my create order API, only four orders were generated despite the presence of additional orders in my CSV file that were not in my store. Subsequently, when I made another API request, an additional order was created. My question is why, upon the initial API call, all orders from the CSV file that were absent in my store did not get created

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