Why can't I install my custom app on a different account?

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I am new to shopify app developement and I am trying to develop an app and share it to another Account.

These are the stores connected to my accont


I have created a custom app in the 'aubergine test app' store and converted the distribution to 'Custom distribution' following this article:






When I use the link generated, and try to access/install the app to the monicaandandy store it gives me the following error.


I think the issue can be with App setup -> URLs section or ngrok.

Please help me out.


Currently all I have done is, 

1. Created the app using npm init @Shopify/app@3.47.5

2. Created a new app for the code during preview

3. Went to Partners account -> All apps -> 'name of my app' -> Distribution -> changed it to custom app


If there is some step by step guide to do this, including the ngrok (if it is needed) integration and all, please share! Thank you!! 


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