Why can't I reinstall the Amazon Importer - EniMoh app?

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I cannot reinstall the app "Amazon Importer - EniMoh". 

Before that i uninstalled the app 2 times, because wanted to to update my current plan< but the app was alreary showing me that I am on paid plan, despite the fact I did not pay for that plan and consequently couldn't the features which are given in the paid plan.

Now, when I want to install the app for the 3rd time, it says "This app needs to be reviewed by Shopify before it can be installed. Contact the app developer for more information about this app."

The app was working correctly, was installed from Shopify App Store and now I cannot find this app on Shopify App Store.

What should i do to install this app?

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@Nurken this app is live again, due to some glitch it was not available from the APP store, you can reinstall and check or drop a email to enimoh.app@gmail.com