Why does an error code show up after deleting an app?

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Please help. Thank you! I installed a app, but I don't want, so I delete it, and then my website shows this error code, and then I install this app again, and then my site didn't show this error code. how can I do? I want to delete this app. Is it an issue with this app? 

Error code:

Liquid error (layout/theme line 117): could not find asset snippets/prime-css.liquid

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The app is very likely adding theme code that references a theme snippet. That's the one in the snippets folder called "prime-css.liquid".

The error is telling you where the code is pulling in that file so start with a search in theme.liquid for "prime-css" and see what you find. Share back here what you see if you see something, and you're not sure what to remove.

If you're really stuck and can't find anything, you could also choose to make a new snippet with the same name but leave the file totally blank. This is not a recommended approach but will be good enough for now to save you some time until it's solved properly (by removing the reference code).

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Yes, I can find this error code.

My theme code shows this error code:

line 117: {% render 'prime-css' %} </head>

line 119 120: <body class="template-{{ template | split: '.' | first }}{% if template.suffix %} template-suffix-{{ template.suffix }}{% endif %}" data-cc-animate-timeout="0">


Do I just need to remove the line 117? Thank you!