Why is my app not running on an Ubuntu server?

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I'm hosting an app on an Ubuntu server (AWS EC2) using Shopify CLI version: 3.56.3

All of these steps are going well:
- nginx setup
- domain name setup example.com
- deploy the app
npm install
npm run build
npm run setup

Then cd 
- npm run
Getting the following log:

> start
> remix-serve build/index.js
[shopify-api/INFO] version 9.4.1, environment Remix
[remix-serve] http://localhost:3000 (

Now when going to example.com, I'm just getting 404 not found error.

Am I missing a command? Is it the correct entry point?
This public folder had only a folder called "build" and a file called "favicon.ico"



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hi @WildData,

You're missing the server start command. If you're using the remix template that is officially supported by Shopify the correct command to start the remix server is this.

npm run setup
npm start


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That's in the last part of the post

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I think I figured it out, probably just an Nginx config issue