Why is my React Node app session undefined after installation?

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I have create app on shopify using React and node
and upload the app on server. On installation the session is coming  but after that in console it show session is undefinedI am unable to create connection between frontend and backend for node react app  when i hit api it gives session undefined
on live server but things working on local.
Can someone please help me out? Thanks

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Hello @sibTech_synergy ,

It sounds like you're experiencing issues with session management between your frontend React application and backend Node.js server after deploying your Shopify app to a live server. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

  1. Check CORS Configuration: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policies may differ between your local development environment and your live server. Ensure that your backend server is configured to allow requests from the domain where your frontend React app is hosted. You may need to adjust CORS settings on your Node.js server to allow requests from Shopify's domain as well.

  2. Verify Environment Variables: Confirm that your environment variables, including session-related configurations, are properly set on the live server. Double-check that the environment variables containing session secrets, keys, or tokens are correctly configured and accessible to your backend Node.js application.

  3. Session Management: Ensure that your session management setup is consistent between your local development environment and the live server. This includes middleware configuration, session storage mechanisms, and session handling logic in your backend Node.js application. Verify that session data is being properly serialized, stored, and retrieved across requests.

  4. Logging and Debugging: Implement logging mechanisms in your backend Node.js application to track the flow of requests and debug session-related issues. Log session data, request headers, and other relevant information to identify any discrepancies or errors in the session management process.

  5. Network Requests: Use browser developer tools or network monitoring tools to inspect the network requests between your frontend React application and backend Node.js server. Ensure that requests are being sent with the necessary session information, such as cookies or authentication tokens, and that the server responds correctly.

  6. Deployment Environment: Consider any differences in the deployment environment between your local setup and the live server. Factors such as server configurations, network settings, and security policies may affect session management and communication between frontend and backend components.

By thoroughly investigating these areas and comparing the behavior of your application between the local development environment and the live server, you can identify and address any discrepancies or issues affecting session management and communication between your frontend React application and backend Node.js server.


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