Why is Printify causing so many issues for my business?

Why is Printify causing so many issues for my business?

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Printify is by far and away the absolute worst company i have ever dealt with that is not an outright scam. I have had multiple issues that have affected my sales stemming from a lack of structure within their company. Some of the reoccuring problems:

  • No communication- when something is out of stock, discontinued, or they "need more information," you have to reach out to them to find answers. They never tell you anything in a timely manner, such as "hey, that product the customer just ordered is discontinued, so you need to do something about it."
  • Constant discontinued items- there is a never ending list of things being DCed and they DO NOT TELL YOU. I just checked my orders (which were set to manual) because a customer reached out from an order they placed A MONTH AGO. It has not been fullfilled because the product was DCed. Well, i can tell you it is NOT DCed on Printful's website, so i will be moving to them.
  • No solutions- i have spoken to some of the higher ups in the company providing my grievances over their multiple issues, such as no communication, and they assured me it would be looked into. Spoiler alert, it wasn't. The only reason i stayed with this company is because i spent countless hours adding 200 different unique items to my website. It took forever and i wasn't about to throw away all that work, until today.
  • Wrong item shipped- i got into an argument with one of the reps about them sending the wrong shirt to a customer. They showed me what the print screen looked like on their end, and asked that i send them proof. Let that sink in. They asked ME to send THEM proof of things on THEIR platform. So i did. I took screen captures showing what the correct printing was supposed to be and they finally fixed the problem after several back and forths that were not only a waste of time, but down right ridiculous. Why do i see something different on my platform than the actual company? Why did I have to go out of my way to provide proof, including having the customer send a picture of the received shirt.
  • Unprofessional- Their entire company is unprofessional to the point where i was emailing one of the higher ups, and he all of a sudden stopped responding. When i reached out to someone, they said he had gone on a scheduled vacation and apparently had never heard of how to set his email up for out of office.

TL;DR- this company is too big for their pants. They are in no way equipped to handle any orders.

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There is only one positive thing that I can say about the combination of Printify, your take on the "company", and my personal experience having to deal with Printify... And that is the fact that at least I know that I'm not the only person who has been scammed by them. Your review was literally spot-on. They were responsible for my Etsy shop being permanently shut down, due to 20+ orders never being fulfilled, which was the sole responsibility of Printify. The funny thing is, and by funny, I mean not funny at all is the fact that I paid Printify for all of the orders, then Printify just decided that they were just going to steal my money and not print or ship the items that were ordered. Then on top of that, I was responsible for issuing full refunds for the 20-30 orders that I had already paid Printify for, and those orders totalled over $500 that I had to pay out of my own pocket for. And the part that is absolutely inexcusable is the same thing that you experienced dealing with them... They wanted me to show proof to them! Completely ridiculous. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I still haven't received any of the money that they owe me regarding the situation. They also pay companies to leave positive and highly misleading reviews for their business. You can spot them all over the internet. 

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They are refusing to pay me because of some technical issue where they wont let me get to the screen where I put in my paypal or tax information. The entire link is gone, when I asked customer service about it they eventually stopped responding when they saw they could not solve the issue. They said they would escalate it to a specialized team who I am yet to hear a peep from. So basically they flat out are refusing to pay me. 

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I really wish I had read this before using them. They ruined my new collection. I couldn't find any reviews and trusted the process. What a nightmare. They produced okay samples BUT when I ordered a batch of products to sell on my e-commerce site, I never got the product and was left hanging in the air. Very misleading company. People need to know that they are not what they appear to be. They. take your money and you may never get your stuff. They fudge the delivery times too like saying it has shipped but you wait weeks. There IS ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE, just weird repetitive bots and Ai. YOU will NEVER get your money back. Where is regulation on these weird sites?  Do biz at your own very high risk. BYE BYE Printify. Thanks a lot for nothing. Wow and what a slick website to lure you in, totally fooled....sad and so disappointed and it ruined a young man who was wanting to order an item. I had to tell him he couldn't have it to give his mom for Christmas.....just wow, also all the typing I have to do to resolve and ongoing unsolvable issue.....!