Why isn't my store eligible for NFT sales?

Why isn't my store eligible for NFT sales?

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Hi Everyone,


I have been trying to get our Store to be eligible for NFT sales for the past few days with no luck.



- App Nifty Bridge Added

- FAQ says - 

To apply for approval to sell NFTs through Shopify Payments, you can add one of Shopify’s NFT distribution app partners to your store. After you add an NFT distribution app partner, you’re prompted to answer some eligibility questions, and you'll receive a message in the app letting you know if you're approved.

- No application form present to apply for NFT after adding app

- Messaged Nifty Bridge who gave me a Link which is broken and goes to 404 page - http://minifarmproject.myshopify.com/admin/nft-application

- Used Chat to talk to someone but nothing as yet


Any suggestions?


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Hi Nick_minifarm


We discuss issues in this direction in this topic about the sale of NFTs based on Shopify here:

How Do I Sell NFTs?

Where Can I Find The Nft-Application Form?


Also, for other beginners interested in this topic of creating and selling NFTs, you can read educational content here:


How do I create an NFT collection 

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