Why won't my Review App load despite troubleshooting?

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I have problems with the Review App no longer loading and not accessible. This has been happening for a few months since the SKU problem occurred in Shopify and converts all the SKU's into scientific norms.
Whenever I click on the review app the page just keeps reloading and reloading with the following message:  

Your browser needs to authenticate Product Reviews
Your browser requires apps like Product Reviews to ask you for access to cookies before Shopify can open it for you.
The issue is not connected to cookies. I've deleted all cookies, restarted, used two different browsers, two different machines and followed every recommendation available for this problem and nothing can resolve it. It's a Shopify issue. The app can't be accessed and once you try to load it I can't get out of that window, and the page just keeps trying to reload.

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Hello @shopfy-2020,


First, you need to contact the Review app developers. They will conduct an audit of your store and app to identify and fix any potential problems.


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How do you contact the developer mate?????? The "get support" takes you to shopify help center" and nothing comes out from that robo system