Wishlist with the ability to share and allow others to buy gifts for you.

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Its really not very clearly specified in a lot of the apps when it says it allows you to share a wishlist.

I need one that allows people to share a wishlist and then allow others to buy them gifts through that wishlist,

say a birthday wishlist for example.

Are there any shopify apps that have that functionality ( and are good )?

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Hey Mike,


I can suggest you try out growave.io


I can describe you the Wishlist functionalities of it which are available on the paid plan:


  • Allowing guests to add items to their wishlists
  • Allowing users to create boards where they will be able to sort their wishlists 
  • You will have automated emails for the Wishlist, which triggers on different situations like Item is back in stock, Item will be sold out soon, Preferred product/variant is available, Wishlisted items are waiting for users to get back and shop them and items are going to be sold out soon
  • Wishlist with product variants
  • Ability to change the Wishlist position
  • Share Wishlisted items (option to reward them for that)

Also, Loyalty & Rewards program is included in the plan, where you are able to reward your users with discounts, etc.


But regarding your concern, if you would like to continue, it should be discussed further, since it is quite personalized situation

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I dont care about any of that much.

The ONE THING I NEED more than anything is for people to create a wish-list, share it with others and then for other people to have the ability to buy something off the users wish-list for the person who shared the wish-list in the first place.

Please do NOT recommend something that cant fulfil that criteria.

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Hey, @MikeDee!


I have actually come across a wishlist app a while back that allows the shopper to add and share their wishlist with family and friends. I'd be happy to share it with you in hopes it's what you're looking for!


This app is called Wishlist Plus and it's completely free to use. They do have a pricing plan if you outgrow their free plan, which can be found on their website here. Below I will demonstrate the user experience so that you have a better understanding of how the app works.


The first step is to simply install the app from our App Store and select how you would like the wishlist to be displayed on your site. You have a few widget options to choose from with the ability to customize the name, color, placement and much more. No code needs to be inserted yourself as it's all done automatically.


Once the wishlist looks just right, your customers can now start creating their own wishlists! As soon as an item has added, a little confirmation pop-up window appears that allows them to keep shopping or they can opt to view their wishlist. When clicking on the "View your wishlist", all previously added products will appear so they can be reviewed and edited. Once the shopper is happy with their choices, they can click on the email icon in the pop-out window, enter a name, email address and a personalized message and that will allow them to send someone their wishlist!




Once the email is sent, it would look something like this (Test is the name of my shop incase that looks funny).




This app is completely free to download so you can go ahead and test out the functionality and UX for yourself.


I would love to know if my response was helpful to you. If so, give it a like to let me know and/or click that accept as solution button so others can benefit as well. If this wasn't what you were looking for, definitely let me know and I'd be happy to continue searching for a solution.




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Hey @MikeDee,


Sorry for the misunderstanding, but if I understood you well, I can suggest you this:


Once you share your wishlist with this app


You will be able to share it to your social media and friends via email, as shown on the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/n9y7o0


Once you enter the email address of your friend: https://prnt.sc/n9y837 Your friend will receive the letter which contains this: https://prnt.sc/n9yeol


After that, if they click the link, they will be redirected to your Wishlist page, where they can buy items: http://prntscr.com/n9yz4f


Let me know if it works for you



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This Wishlist Stellar app can help your customers save their wishlists and share with others via social networks and email.