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I'm looking for a wishlist that does this

  • Customers
    • Create multiple wishlists (ie: Wishlist A and Wishlist B) and add/remove from each themselves
    • Enter a quantity for the items in the wishlist and click Add to Cart
    • Pricing can be hidden
  • Admin
    • Add/remove from the customer wishlists
    • Optional but highly preferred: Export/import

I've tried 15 different apps and can't find any that do all of the required items above.  I'm hoping by posting on the forums that somebody can chime in and provide direction.


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Shopify Partner
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Hey Mike,

I think I could make something like this for you. Want to give me an email to discuss further?

Shopify Partner
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Hey Mike - Our Wishlist Plus app can handle pretty much all of those asks. The multiple Wishlists feature needs to be configured on the backend, so if you do decide to try it out, let us know so we can take care of that for you.



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Wishlist Stellar can help you manage customer wishlists and get detailed insights of the wishlisted items.  It also let you do many other things. If you need help, please drop me a message.

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Hi Micheal,

I think Stellar Wishlist can resolve your problems.


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Im already STELLAR WISHLIST. that is a new app i found but its creditable app, effectively.

You can search with picture below.

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