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Would love feedback!

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Hello, Everyone, I would love to ask all the merchants who are using Shopify and active here to check our newly launched app which is easy to use and help you to manage a lot In-cart upselling, countdown, product recommendations and more. I do appreciate your time to check our app and share the feedback if we need to improve any point. 

Here is the App:-

"Don't worry we are not going to create any charge on it it's completely free"


Looking forward to hearing more from every one of you to make the best for the peoples like you are to run a smooth business with huge revenue and best of luck!





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Hello @Bhagawati !

Looks like there are a ton of great features in this app. Would have to spend some more time exploring and watching the onboarding video.

Y'all probably know this, but the authentication and pricing bit when installing is a little scary. I get why you have mention that there could be a max charge of $399, though we'll never hit it. Just maybe a little friction in getting more merchants to use it. Also, when installed, it was issuing a test charge in the payment confirmation screen. Just FYI.

Looks great otherwise. Cheers.

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