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Zip Code Restriction - App?

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Hi fellow Shopifiers!


I am looking for an app that would restrict access to my shopify store by checking the Zip code of delivery through a pop-up by accessing the webstore.

Do you know whether such a solution exists?


What I found so far is 'Easy Shipping Restrictions', but the Zip code check is rather done in the cart before checkout.

Could 'Region Restrictions' be a valid option? I see that this app does not have many positive reviews...




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Hi, @MaxBoozify!


That is a really good question. I spent some time looking at our app store, and I couldn't find an app that functions exactly like what you want. However, I did find some apps that are similar to it, and I think you'll find both or once of them useful for your store. Here they are:


1. Easy Country Blocker

This app allows you to block visitors from certain countries from viewing your site. With this app, you can only restrict visitors based on their countries and IP addresses.


2. Geo Targeting ‑ Custom Pop‑Ups

You can create different pop ups and banners, which only visitors located in a certain area can see. The app will detect your visitors' locations (you can filter them by country or zip code), then, depending on their location, they will or will not see the pop up. For example, if you are restricting visitors from Canada, all Canadian visitors will see a pop warning with a message that your store does not offer shipping to Canada. Unlike Easy Country Blocker, this app will not restrict these visitors to access to your site and continue browsing. If you choose to install this app, I do recommend to also install Easy Shipping Restrictions, which you've already found, in case your visitors missed the pop up. 


If you choose to download an app, usually there will be an additional subscription cost since you’ll be using their service. For future reference, in case you run into any technical issues with the app, you can reach out to the developers directly. You can find their information on the app’s page. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Shopify Experts if you'd like to look into coding this functionality directly to your store. 


Let me know if you have any follow up questions about this 🙂


Best of luck!

May | Social Care @ Shopify
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I have been searching for a similar solution for a service that we offer and have not found my ideal solution, but did find an app that I'm trialing, which is working so far.  I wanted to prevent customers from accessing a specific product until their zipcode was compared against a list of areas the product/service was available.  The one I'm testing is Product Zipcode Validator.


This will add a field on the product page and you can set it to disable the add to cart button, so they are required to enter their zipcode and if it's good then they can continue adding to cart, but if their zipcode is not good then the add to cart will remain disabled.  It's not the perfect solution, but I think it will cover my needs for now.

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I should also mention the Locksmith app.  I had a conversation back and forth with them trying to find a solution and one idea we came up with that we could make work is to use their passcode option.  They have where you can block access to your store or product unless they enter one of the multiple passcodes you specify in their app.  The trick here is that you would actually use the zipcodes as the passcodes so a customer would have to enter their zipcode to unlock the site, but with the zipcodes being used as the passcodes it should work to verify if it's a valid "passcode" and unlock access.  Hopefully that makes sense.  I have not tested this idea, it was just an idea I came up with when talking to them and they felt that it should work just fine.

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Hello There! What you comment is like a password but instead of a random word is a list of valid postcodes. I´ve done that for a couple of clients ( for some of them at the cart: you introduce a valid postcode-> you can go to checkout ) but it is not a good solution, because the user can later on on the checkout page introduce the postal code he wants without any validation. Though it is not supposed to happend we all know how the users behave ( they dont care ).  we need a postal code validation from shopify or app at the checkout.

Roberto López Shopify Expert
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Hi, @Roberto_López!


May here from Shopify.


I can definitely see the benefit of having this validation process at checkout. I think adding this feature can be beneficial for other merchants on our platform as well. That said, I am going to submit a feature request for our developers to review. If the request is already there, I can add your vote to the existing ballot - as the more merchants that mention a feature, the more likely they are to be implemented.


Thank you for your feedback! I hope we can see this feature implemented in the future. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.





May | Social Care @ Shopify
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Has there been any progress made on this feature?
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Hi all – This idea is interesting. I'd like to build it for free. I'm currently at a hackathon with the goal to make a new app for Shopify by Sunday. Does anyone have ten minutes and could talk to me about your use case for this app idea? Maybe I can make it for you (for free!). 




(304) 881-611

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Hey there, is your offer still available?

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Sure – will you message me so I can learn more about your use case? 

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To summarize the general problem: Most companies are not on Shopify Plus, and therefore do not have code access to the checkout screen. The lowest-level granularity of Shipping Zones is Province (ie state in the US). So you cannot solve this problem by setting up a shipping zone. Shopify documentation instead refers you to the App marketplace.


The existing apps offer two solutions: 1) inject liquid code to check for zip code at the cart stage (though this can easily be over-ridden by the user in the Checkout), or 2) build a separate Sales Channel that has access to the full-featured Checkout Admin API. If you don't want to build a Sales Channel, but instead want a solution for an individual store, you are directed to use the Storefront API, which is less configurable than the Admin API. And even if you built a custom ShippingCarrier to calculate the delivery cost for a given address, there does not seem to be any way to have a ShippingCarrier deny a particular address. So this rules out any solution that involves redirecting the customer back to the Shopify checkout page via a web url. And if you want to use one of the `checkoutComplete` endpoints, you need to get special "Payment Processing" authorization from Shopify, which takes 7-10 business days.


Given all that, the most reasonable approach seems to be: host a private app that pulls in product data via the Admin API, enforces whatever custom shipping logic you want, processes payment info and taxes (groan), and then sends a copy of the order to Shopify so that all customer data stays in one place. Seems clunky for such a simple thing. Would be interested if someone else has found a solution that I'm missing!

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what came of this. Currently hoping to solve the same issue 😉

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I am looking for an app that I can use to provide my customers with zip code protection. Before I accept a new customer I want to be able to look up my existing customers and enter the new zip code to see if it is within a radius of my existing in order to provide zip code protection. Does anyone know of an app of this type?

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I hope someone creates an app for this feature soon!
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Hello merchants,


Sam from Achieve Applabs here. Most zip code apps validate the zip code rather than restrict placing an order based on zip code. In this post I can already tell there are different requirements for each merchant. Some want to restrict based on existing customers like @Charms25 mentioned, others may want to restrict based on the actual zip code entered. First and foremost a zip code API is required, there are many out there for United States as well as Canada. The app should allow to make logical rules that accept or reject based on the zip code in the order. Orders API can be used to achieve this. Depending on the existing process this solution could look different for each merchant hence a rule based app. 





Use Approovly to create and track order approvals | Looking for more Shopify apps?
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Dear May,


Could you notify me as well, please?


This is a very vital function for most family businesses: eg. a small family owned

Pizza company will only deliver within a restricted area, not the entire city/country.




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This seems really interesting. If Shopify doesn't build it natively, I might be up for it after I finished the App I'm working on right now.


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Maybe you guys can look at some address validator apps?

Avada is an e-commerce solution provider based in the heart of Vietnam where the best developers unite. Founded in 2017 by Mageplaza, Avada is responsible to complete the mission to help 1 million online businesses grow revenues.
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Hello May;

Restricting acceptance of order based on postcode (Australia) is all that is required by local food delivery services such as pizza shops and cafes.


We don’t want customers ordering and paying for products long distances from our physical shop. We don’t want to ring them up and say, "Sorry, we don’t deliver to your destination". The restriction would block the order from being complete until the delivery address matches our listed criteria.


If we deliver to our only to our own and the neighbouring 4 or so postcodes, it should be a simple matter of listing those postcodes in the back end. No need for more complicated options, apps or paid plans. 

Rather than adding an app or patching scripts, this functionality of selective postcodes should be implemented in the "shipping zone" section. Currently we can specify a single state in our country, but it does not drill down farther than that.


Please add my vote for implementing this simple additional functionality to the main Shopify system.





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Agree with MadisonAve

Given the world's current crisis, having this feature being part of the default Shopfiy system seems more than doable and beneficial to small businesses trying to keep themselves afloat.