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Hi all! We want to be able to check a user's zip code to let them know if we service their area on our store, preferably on the home page. I would like to have some way to validate it, maybe a popup, and if we do serve them, an "Order Now" button can appear. If not, then a short form for them to send us their name and address will appear so we can notify them when we do serve their area. Any ideas how to do this? I'm mainly a Wordpress dev but trying to figure out Shopify!!

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You can simply add option in theme settings to add Zip code with comma separate. 
And in front-end use that data with Javascript to validate and show result accordingly ( 'Order Now' if zip available and form if zip not available  )

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Try GEMPAGES page builder.
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To follow up on @Guleria's answer, this is the flow of operations I'd do:


1. First geo-locate the user, which can save him from actually entering their ZipCode.

2. Whether the geo-location was successful or not, throw a pop-up when the user first enters the shop welcoming them.
3. In that pop-up, if geo-location was successful, acknowledge them that you serve/do not serve their area. Add an option to enter the Zip Code in that pop-up if the geo-locator got it wrong (i.e. they're behind a VPN). 
4. If the geo-location was unsuccessful, ask them to provide their Zip Code and then notify them if you serve or do not serve the area.

5. After the user closed the pop-up and started looking though you shop, show an order now button if you serve their area.

6. If you do not serve the area,show a disabled version of the order now button with a tooltip that explains you don't ship to their area.


@brittio39 this feels like the cleanest approach to me.

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Thank you both!! 


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@brittio39 That actually requires quite a bit of coding - if you follow the steps and show me an example of your code I point out issues.

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Hey @brittio39 

I hope you are doing well. I launched an app last week which exactly does what you are looking for. Do you mind checking it out and see if it fit your needs? More than happy to discuss further if you are looking for more features within same app.


With this app, merchants can add a popup or homepage section that asks buyers to enter their zip code and validate that delivery is available in their region


Apart from functionality you mention, app also helps you collecting customer email addresses from non serviceable zip codes which then could help you to decide your next zip code to launch.









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If you're still looking for the app, we have a free app that does exactly what you need: asks a customer for ZIP code before they can see checkout button. You can configure ZIP code restrictions with our app -


This is how it looks in a customer cart:




If you have troubles configuring / adapting to your store, send us a message to email mentioned in the app!



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If you want it for a Shopify store, you can integrate a Zipcode Validator extension. 


With it, customers can check if the delivery is available for their location or not. 


I would suggest you go for AppJetty Zipcode Validator. It is easy to integrate and provides customers with ease of accessing the product availability. It also provides the facility to blacklist any zip code if needed. Further, it enables store owners to customize availability/unavailability messages according to their choice. The extension also restricts the addition of undeliverable products to the cart. The best thing is it can provide customers with an estimated delivery time on entering the pin code. Everything that you need to manage shipping activities is an inbuilt feature of AppJetty Zipcode Validator. 


To learn more, check - AppJetty Zipcode Validator  .