Is there a way to allow camera and microphone access from an embedded app?

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Given modern browsers' security features, gaining access to the user's camera and microphone is not possible from inside of an iframe without the iframe having the allow attribute present stating to permit access, i.e.:


<iframe ... allow="camera;microphone" />


The current embedded app iframe from within the Shopify admin panel doesn't add that attribute by default. Is there a setting in the app manager that I can toggle that will add that attribute on my app's iframe, or is there a way to set the iframe to have that attribute using AppBridge or AppBridge React?

In short, I'd like to gain access to the user's camera and microphone from inside of the embedded app's iframe for an app I'm developing, and I haven't found anything that would indicate Shopify currently supports it. If it doesn't support it, I think it'd be an awesome feature request. If any Shopify developer wants more information (or if this is internally implemented but only granted on a case-by-case basis due to security concerns) I'd be happy to do a screen-share with you guys demonstrating my use case and I'm also happy to answer any questions you have.



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Agreed.  Was trying to install as an example