Product REST API - Power Query Doesnt Receive "Link" header for next page

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I am attempting to paginate the Shopify Admin API via Power Query. However, in order to paginate the Shopify API, I need the link to next page. These are provided in the header response:


"When you send a request to a REST endpoint that supports cursor-based pagination, the response body returns the first page of results, and a response header returns links to the next page and the previous page of results (if applicable). You can use the links in the response header to iterate through the pages of results." 


I have tried the: Value.Metadata M-function without any luck. This provides the date, server and status code and other meta data without providing the link to next page. 


Does anyone know how to obtain this information in the response header in Power Query? 

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Shopify Partner
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I am having the same issue here.  Did anyone find a resolution to this?


When I test the API in Postman I can see the link header return the &pageinfo parameter, so It's probably not a Shopify problem.  Was hoping though that someone had encountered and solved the Power Query issue already.