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Update to App Store ‘Speed Tested’ Highlight

Merchants need their apps to be fast so they have minimal impact on their storefronts. To ensure merchants know if their store will be impacted best, the ‘Speed Tested’ highlight has been updated for Shopify App Store listing...

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New Shopify Experts Directory

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Shopify Experts Directory to provide merchants with a new channel to discover and pair with trusted Shopify Partners (Experts). Merchants will be able to find the Expert(s) of...

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Simtech Development Ltd Apps No Longer Available On Shopify - Details And Alternative Apps

We’ve discovered that Simtech Development Ltd is associated with a terminated partnership which violated Shopify’s Partner Program Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy. We are committed to keeping Shopify a trustworthy platfor...

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Shopify Payments

Starting November 2nd 2022 Shopify Payments will require all store owners to enable Two-Step Authentication for Shopify Payments. This is to increase account security and prevent account takeover by fraudsters, resulting in ...

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Get A Better Support Experience with Support Inbox!

Shopify Support now offers a new direct message contact option whenever you’re logged into your Shopify account. Notifications about updates to these conversations will continue to be sent by email. The way you find support ...

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Tap to Pay for iPhone Now Available

US merchants are now able to accept contactless payments simply, by using iPhone and the Shopify POS app. With Tap to Pay on iPhone you can: Seamlessly accept contactless payment for purchases placed through POS.Take payment ...

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New to Balance: Transferring money into Shopify Balance just got easier!

Move your money in just a few clicks, easily and securely, all within Shopify Balance. We’ve added the ability to easily transfer money into Shopify Balance within the ‘Move Money’ feature. This feature allows our merchants...

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Shopify video guides and tutorials

The Shopify Help Center channel connects merchants like yourself to the information you need to run a successful business with Shopify.Video tutorials cover a variety of topics, thoughtfully designed to get you started in you...

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