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Hi everyone I would like to add a new block to the Footer of the Dawn theme.
The type of block to be added is that of the Custom Liquid, which is the one already present in the Dawn theme but in the sections.
Who can explain to me how it is possible to do?


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@Zens  Hi, Sorry for the confusion, I thought your adding a liquid code. What are you trying to add though? A paragraph? Here is the way to show the input code. After the {% case block.type %} add the code below.

 Custom liquid code I believe is a way to add a piece of a code or a snippet, not just writing a paragraph. If you wish to write a paragraph then you have to <p></p>

{% when 'custom_liquid' %}



Regarding the error. Try removing the html block in the footer when you customize the theme. It should refresh. Let me know if you still have issues

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