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Hello good day.

I have the product review app, in an other theme appears the starts of the reviews in each product in the collection page and also inside the product, above the price, but now I only have the reviews inside the product, below the description.

How can I add the starts in the collection page, and also how can I add stars in the product page below the price?

Thank you

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The code is added to the theme..

The reviews appears in the bottom of the page, the app is active and with the code in the theme but the stars icon not appears

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@Ollie @Ninthony 

Here is my webpage, look at the bottom at the product, the reviews are, but not the stars icon at the top or in the photo of the product.

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Yeah I see that. The snippet that I gave you in my previous post is just for the star rating, not for all of your reviews. If you go to your product reviews app and click on the installation instructions and scroll down a little you'll see this:


If you click on Show Instructions it gives you a general idea of where you'll want to add the star code, but like I said before every theme is different so it could be on another page:




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