adding Afterpay icon into footer (or other icons)

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This is to add in new icons or payment methods into your footer (if not included in the default shopify payment settings)

for this example i have used AfterPay


  1. Open up and find the footer.liquid found in your Customize theme code sections.
  2. then find one of your loaded payment options (ie visa) in the code script
  3. here you will notice a string of text like this:

{% assign payment_icons_available = ',amazon_payments,american_express,apple_pay,bitcoin,cirrus,dankort,diners_club,discover,dogecoin,dwolla,forbrugsforeningen,interac,jcb,litecoin,maestro,master,paypal,visa' | split: ',' %}

  • ADD IN TEXT: just ad in your text for the missing payment (in this case im using afterpay) so it now looks like this:

{% assign payment_icons_available = 'afterpay,amazon_payments,american_express,apple_pay,bitcoin,cirrus,dankort,diners_club,discover,dogecoin,dwolla,forbrugsforeningen,interac,jcb,litecoin,maestro,master,paypal,visa' | split: ',' %}

Now this is just the "code part" that will tell your footer menue what to do with the icons etc. You will also need to load the footer icon for your missing payment option next


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. Find the theme you want to edit, and then click Actions > Edit code.
  3. To get your button on your site we are going to upload the social media icon image to your theme. Click the Assets folder to open it.
  4. Scroll down to and click the Add a new asset link.
  5. Choose the icons file on your computer and click Upload asset.
  6. Copy the source code - and put it aside into notepad or something (right click on the image displayed and click "copy source code"


  1. Go back to your footer.liquid code and "find" "icon-fallback-text", and paste this code below the  {% endfor %} code,


              <img src="yourURL"/>


  1. Delete the part between the quotes and paste the stored "source code" link your grabbed before
  • this will insert the image in the default size (which is sometimes huge)
    • i actually found it easier to "resave" and "re-upload" the logo at a reduced size - ie take a snapshop of your current footer icons and in paint or something resize your logo to the same one. You will have to delete and reupload to your assesets - and fix the pased URL code above to get the right sizing.

hopefully i have made sence (sorry is a bit of hacking and code from all over the place, i managed to sort of glue togheter).



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OK I found a solution


1. Please go to the editor > footer.liquid 

2.  Find this bit of code :


{%- capture payment_icon_markup -%}
{%- if show_payment_icons -%}
<div class="grid__item site-footer__payment-icons">
<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'general.payment.method' | t }}</span>
<ul class="payment-icons list--inline site-footer__icon-list">
{%- for type in shop.enabled_payment_types -%}
<li class="payment-icon">
{{ type | payment_type_svg_tag: class: 'icon icon--full-color' }}
{%- endfor -%}


3. and add this line of code after the endfor 

<li class="payment-icon" >
<img src="" alt="afterpay">



4. Now you may see that the image is small so we now have to make it bigger with CSS, go to the themeliquid



Copy below


#shopify-section-footer > footer > div:nth-child(3) > div > > div > ul > li:nth-child(6) > img{

width: 100px;
height: 70px;



6. change width and height to your liking



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