Adding embedded YouTube videos to Shopify Minimal. How?

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My name is Collin and I run I have several YouTubers that have reviewed my product and I would love to embed their reviews/videos onto my webpage. Is this possible and if so how? Currently I am using the Shopify Minimal theme. 

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Collin Jamison

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Christine here from the Shopify Guru team - thanks for your question!

Yes, you most definitely can embed video in your Shopify store :). There are a couple of ways you could do this; one would be to create a page, product or blog post and embed the video onto the page content directly or you could also use an app from the Shopify App store.

To embed a video into a page, you would use the Rich Text Editor. Once you have created the page that you would like the video to be embedded, you would grab the link from Youtube: 

Then click the embed video button on the page in Shopify:

Paste the code from YouTube and click "Insert Video"

Alternatively, you could use an app like Video Gallery to show consecutive videos all on one page.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else. We are just a click away :)

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Hi Christine! This is really slowing down my page upload speed and I'm afraid the YouTube imbed will hurt my user experience. Is there something I'm missing on the compression / site speed side of things when it comes to embedding videos in Shopify?

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Hello to everyone!

It would be a great solution to use a plugin for creation of YouTube galleries and portfolios. For example, check this one

This plugin can include as many sources as you need: a URL (a single video), channels, playlists – compile the feed that you need.


  • 100+ adjustable settings;
  • Fully responsive design;
  • 3 variants to chow videos (in popup, on YouTube, on the website).

Create marvelous galleries with your products overviews, to involve your every user.

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i followed the instructions but all that appears is the code no video? see screenshotUntitled.png

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Click on the HTML symbol <> and paste the embed code directly into the HTML. (That worked for me today on Debut theme, at least)